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Jan. 27, 2020

Dear Valued Customers,

Following up our last post dated Oct. 16th, 2019, we'd like to clarify RUBY™ Tubes is about premium testing, matching and grading of vacuum tubes, which are made by a few manufacturers worldwide in China, Slovak Republic and Russia.  The ones made in China factory are mostly unavailable now due to temporary factory closure.  The others are in good supply, all in Ruby boxes under 6 month warranty to customer.

The majority of our customer are OEM factories.  Special tube testing is available for customers with steady demand for special applications. 

We also carry many different tube sockets, retainers, spring reverb tanks beyond what's listed on our web store.

We value and appreciate your support of RUBY™ TUBES and we are always here for you.

Tom McNeil, President

Magic Parts LLC

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