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June 5th, 2021

Dear Valued Customers,

Hope you are safe and doing well in this special time.

Tube supply is predicted to be tight at least till end of the year as we can see.  We'd like to clarify RUBY™ Tubes is about premium testing, matching and grading of vacuum tubes made by manufacturers in Slovak Republic, Russia and China.   RUBY™ Tubes is also about our 6 month warranty to customer.  There will be no freshly made tubes coming out of China within this year.   We recommend you to plan your order ahead of time to avoid shortage.

Special testing is available for OEM or CM customers for special applications. 

Check our RUBY™ tube sockets, retainers and spring reverb tanks when shopping tubes.

We value and appreciate your support of RUBY™ TUBES and we are always here for you.


Tom McNeil, President

Magic Parts LLC

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