Ruby EL34BHT

Ruby EL34BHT
Product Code: EL34BHT Category: Ruby Power Tubes
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A new EL34 Ruby Tube from China. Great tone and very rugged.

Little thin on the lows, great mids, rounder highs. Designed to handle higher plate voltages than EL34BSTR.

All RUBY™ Tube power tubes come already matched. There is no extra charge for this service. Our Magic Parts matching process is very exact and our tubes are matched within +/- 1 mA (mille amp) of each other.

We can supply tubes in matched pairs (MP), matched quartets (MQ), matched sextets (MS) or other groups as requested. 

If you order two tubes, we will ship them as a MP.   If you order four tubes, we will ship them as a MQ, and so on.

If you have any special requests, for example if you want 12 tubes and they should all be MP and no MQ, please enter that in the Special Request box on the checkout page.

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